Odoo IoT Box


Odoo IoT Box requires an IoT subscription of $30/Month/Box.

The Official Odoo IoT Box image installed on a Raspberry Pi allows you to connect printers, web cameras, foot pedals, etc., to your Odoo interface, allowing you to print directly to printers (connected to your IoT Box) from actions within the interface.

This device improves efficiency by eliminating the steps for downloading PDFs and printing, as you can configure actions that directly print to connected printers. It is locked down in that it serves only a single function connecting to your Odoo Instance.

You can also connect a USB foot pedal to advance steps in manufacturing MRP apps and Bluetooth Calipers for automatic measurement retrieval in quality control steps.

Depending on device availability, the installation may be on Raspberry Pi 3b+, 4. The device you receive may look different than the one in the image, depending on the availability of cases and the single-board computer.

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